MLS Committee Purpose & Responsibilities

PURPOSE:  The purpose of the MLS Committee is to establish and operate a Multiple Listing Service.  This Committee is also charged with studying multiple listing procedures and keeping members of the Association informed of new ideas and methods of accomplishing the objectives of a Multiple Listing Service.

MEMBERSHIP:  The chairperson will appoint as many members as deemed necessary.  Said members shall be comprised of all MLS participants and subscribers.  One voting member of the Committee must also be a member of the Board of Directors.  The number of members to serve shall be at the discretion of the Chairperson with no less than ten (10) persons selected.  No more than two (2) members from the same agency may vote at any one MLS meeting.


  • Assist the Association in organizing and maintaining both the member & public MLS.
  • Assist Assist the Association on specific MLS problems.
  • Work closely with NAR MLS Committee toward standardization of MLS operation.

  • Develop budget for following year. Provide projected income and expenses to Finance Committee Chair.

  • Oversee technology as it relates to MLS (i.e. Lockboxes, Internet service, vendors and their contracts, etc.).

  • Develop and enforce MLS Rules and Regulations.

  • Maintain the Public version of MLS

  • Review and update MLS forms.

 REPORTS TO: Board of Directors

 MEETINGS:  Monthly


TASK GROUPS: as needed