Government Affairs Committee Purpose & Responsibilities

PURPOSE:  The purpose of the Government Affairs Committee is to oversee the Legislative / Political Affairs Committee and RPAC Committee.

MEMBERSHIP:  is open to GBAR REALTOR® members.


  • To review and approve actions of Committees (Legislative/Political Affairs Committee and RPAC Committee)
  • To keep membership appraised of legislative issues that will affect the real estate industry.
  • Stay informed and keep membership aware of local issues that may affect the real estate industry.
  • To bring motions before the BOD.

 REPORTS TO:  Board of Directors

SUBCOMMITTEES:  Legislative & RPAC Committee

TASK GROUPS:  Legal Affairs.

MEETINGS:  As needed

Section 13   LEGISLATIVE / POLITICAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE  (BOD approved 12/21/05 )

PURPOSE:     The purpose of the Legislative/Political Affairs Committee is to stay current on political issues that may affect our members.



  • Keep updated to NAR & NYSAR Legislation.

  • Participate on Lobby Day

  • Attend RPAC Fund raisers when necessary.

  • Call committee meetings when needed (1-2 weeks after NYSAR and NAR meetings usually)

  • Organize presentation at Association orientation.

  • Responsible for conveying the real estate interest of members to our local, county and state government/legislative Officials. 


Section 19   RPAC COMMITTEE  (BOD approved 12/21/05)

PURPOSE:  The purpose of the RPAC Committee is to support and raise money for issues related to the Real Estate Industry.



  • Raise money for RPAC
  • Distribution of RPAC funds
  • Maximize our LRS (Local Revenue Sharing) funds
  • Keep in contact with Legislators
  • Know legislative Issues
  • Keep directors/members informed of political issues
  • Responsible for conveying the real estate interest of members to our local, county and state government/legislative Officials. 
  • Organize Lobby Day
  • Give presentation at Board Orientation
  • Monitor representatives voting records
  • Organize calls for actions
  • Call meetings when necessary (usually coordinated with legislative committee)

REPORTS TO:  Government Affairs Committee


TASK GROUPS:  As needed.

MEETINGS:  When needed

When more than two tickets are purchased for a fund-raiser, we will attempt to encourage Directors and Committee Members to attend the function.
RPAC money follows the candidate that supports our issues.
We do not endorse - we support a candidate.
We support the incumbent if their record allows and unless the committee can show reason to support the challenger (i.e. Incumbent shows very little support for our real estate issues).
We attend fundraisers for:

Governor, State and Federal representatives (Senators, Assemblyman, Congressman)
the County Executive, Mayor or its equal
County Clerk
Leaders of County Legislature
REALTORS® running for office.

We do not get involved in primaries.
Explanation of Local Revenue Sharing (LRS) Funds
Local Revenue Sharing Fund with NYSAR will receive $.25 per $1.00 sent to NYSAR once the Association reaches goal. This money may be used for expenses such as: Calls For Action, fund-raisers (except Federal representatives) fight local issues with regards to Real Estate, special recognition funds for our representatives.
Local Revenue Sharing Funds must be used within a three-year period or the local Association funds will revert back to NYSAR. Our Association reserves one-half of the year's funds for the following year in case we do not reach goal that year. An exception can be made to fund the special recognition gift for an outstanding job done by one of our representatives (i.e. sponsoring one of our bills.)