GBAR Named 2012 Chamber's Community Advocate of the Year!

We are delighted to inform you that the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce has named GBAR as the winner of the 2012 Community Advocate of the Year Award, recognizing our "...significant contributions to the improvement and enrichment of the Greater Binghamton area as a whole." This honor was presented to GBAR at the Chamber's Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon, held Tuesday, November 13.

This is indeed a honor, and a well-deserved recognition of the dedicated efforts of our Community Service Committee and our Members to "...serve the Community in which we live and work" over the years. Congratulations to Community Service Chair Jenn Greenmun and her team, and thank you to all of our Members who have contributed to our efforts.

Here are emails and letters from  local servicemen and women who received a box full of goodies from donations collected by the Community Service Committee!

> Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 15:28:43 +0430
> Subject: Christmas care package
> From:
> To:
> Sandi,
> My name is Peter Krimski and I am writing to thank you and your staff
> for the wonderful care package that was sent to our unit the United
> States Army Expeditionary Forensics Laboratory, Bagram Air Base,
> Afghanistan. We have a large contingent of NATO soldiers here
> including Polish, French, British, and soldiers from the United Arab
> Emirates. Our job is to provide forensic information to the
> warfighter from evidence recovered in the field.
> Everyone here was very excited to recieve your generous packages as we
> are always short on luxury, and routine comforts of home. My sister
> Anne Schoonover, who hails from Binghamton was the one who provided
> you with the information and the mailing address.
> Once again Thank You Very much! We are all appreciative of the
> thoughts and the consideration.
> Sincerely,
> Peter Krimski
> Forensic Firearms Examiner
> APO AE 09354

Subject: (U) Package received
> Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2012 12:41:01 +0430
> From:
> To:;
> Tom and Sandi,
> Good Morning from Kandahar, Afghanistan. Thank you for the Package.
> My guys over here really appreciate the love. A little something to put
> smiles on my soldiers faces.
> V/r


Tommy and Sandi,

Just received two boxes from the Greater Binghamton Association of Realtors.
Please pass on my thanks to all involved, it is a huge moral boost whenever
we get donated packages. We are a Civil Engineering Squadron based at Bagram
Airfield, Afghanistan. Two thirds of us are out of the 174th FW Syracuse and
one third from Sioux City Iowa. On the civilian side I work at the Town of
Union Engineering Department, and there are three others that live in the
Binghamton area besides myself. It's great that we get the support from the
local area. In an area where there isn't a large military presents the
general populist sometimes loses sight that there are local people directly
involved in the War on Terror. I think I speak for my entire squadron that
all the support is greatly appreciated. Attached is our squadron photo.

Again, thanks for the packages.

Chief Harris

Jay B. Harris, CMSgt, USAF

455th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron

Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan