2017 Eggs & Issues schedule- Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce

2017 Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce Eggs & Issues schedule

From the GBCC - Below is the tentative schedule and topics. Just a reminder though, these topics and dates may change over the course of the year as other issues come up. However, as we stand right now this is what we are looking at.

• February 3, 2017: What are the benefits of Spending the Day in Albany? – Spending the day talking with your local legislators has many benefits. We will be discussing them.

• April 7, 2017: Regulatory Issues Affecting Business Growth in Upstate – Learn how Scaffold Law, Workers’ Compensation, Project Labor Agreements, Prevailing Wage, Wicks Law and other Policies in New York City that are negatively impacting business in Upstate.

• June 2, 2017: New Business Development Incentives & Success – We will be discussing Tax Increment Financing, Brownfield Cleanup Areas, PILOTs and how businesses have been successful in using these incentives.

• August 4, 2017: Real Estate and Housing in Greater Binghamton – How an aging housing stock is affecting our economy and how we can make it cost effective to renovate and build new.

• October 6, 2017: Making Broome County a Destination: How can we position the Greater Binghamton region as the gateway for New York State?

• December 1, 2017: Recreational Development in Greater Binghamton – Economic impact, quality of life, attraction of workers and families as it pertains to: waterfront development, retail development, indoor sports facilities, biking/hiking trails, and more…